Improved Security for Swift Developers: Meterian Now Supports SwiftPM!

Meterian is proud to announce that it now supports Swift Package Manager (SwiftPM), providing improved security for Swift developers. This new feature allows Swift developers to seamlessly integrate Meterian’s powerful security scanning capabilities into their Swift projects, helping them identify and fix vulnerabilities in their open source dependencies.

SwiftPM is the official package manager for Swift, the popular programming language developed by Apple for building iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS applications. It simplifies the process of managing dependencies in Swift projects and enables developers to easily share their code as packages. With Meterian’s support for SwiftPM, developers can now add an additional layer of security to their Swift projects by automatically scanning their dependencies for known security vulnerabilities.

I am using Cocoapods: why is this important?

While Cocoapods has been the de facto dependency manager for iOS and macOS projects for several years, SwiftPM has emerged as a powerful alternative, offering several advantages over its predecessor.

Firstly, SwiftPM is an official tool provided by Apple, which means that it is well-integrated with the Xcode development environment and has the backing of the Swift community. This ensures that SwiftPM is continuously updated with the latest features and security enhancements, making it a reliable and secure option for managing dependencies in Swift projects.

Secondly, SwiftPM is designed to be lightweight and fast, with a simple command-line interface that is easy to use and understand. This makes it an ideal tool for small to medium-sized projects, where simplicity and ease of use are essential. Cocoapods, on the other hand, can be slow and cumbersome, particularly for large projects with numerous dependencies, where the overhead of managing the Podfile can become overwhelming.

Thirdly, SwiftPM has a modular architecture that allows developers to easily share code between different projects and platforms, making it a more flexible and versatile tool than Cocoapods. This makes it particularly useful for developers working on cross-platform projects, where code sharing is critical.

Finally, SwiftPM is a more modern and future-proof solution than Cocoapods, which relies on Ruby. SwiftPM is written in Swift and does not require any extra tooling, making it a natural choice for iOS and macOS developers

Overall, while Cocoapods has been a valuable tool for many iOS and macOS developers over the years, SwiftPM has emerged as a more modern, lightweight, and flexible alternative, offering several advantages over its predecessor. With Meterian’s support for SwiftPM, developers now have access to a powerful security scanning solution that is well-integrated with the Swift ecosystem and provides critical security enhancements for their Swift projects.

I am switching to SwiftPM. How does Meterian help me?

Meterian’s SCA solution uses advanced scanning techniques to analyze the source code of open source dependencies and identifies any known security vulnerabilities or licensing issues. The results are presented in a comprehensive dashboard, allowing developers to easily understand the security status of their dependencies and take appropriate actions to address any identified issues.

One of the key benefits of using Meterian with SwiftPM is the seamless integration into the Swift development workflow. Developers can simply add Meterian as a build step in their SwiftPM build process, making it easy to incorporate security scanning into their existing development pipeline. This ensures that security is considered as an integral part of the development process, reducing the risk of shipping software with vulnerable dependencies.

Another powerful feature of Meterian is its ability to provide remediation guidance. When vulnerabilities are identified, Meterian provides detailed information on how to fix the issue, including code snippets, links to relevant documentation, and recommendations for alternative libraries or versions. This helps Swift developers quickly address security issues and keep their dependencies up to date.

Meterian’s support for SwiftPM comes at a critical time when security is a top concern for software development teams. As cyber threats continue to evolve and open source vulnerabilities become more prevalent, it is crucial for Swift developers to proactively manage the security of their dependencies. By leveraging Meterian’s advanced scanning capabilities, Swift developers can ensure that their software is built on a solid foundation of secure dependencies, minimizing the risk of security breaches and protecting their users’ data.

I want to use Meterian: what should I do?

Meterian is free for open source projects! If you have a GitHub OSS project, you can easily integrate Meterian using the GitHub Action following this step-by-step guide or you can checkout this live example on GitHub. We do have also native integrations with BitBucket and Azure Devops, and also integrations with other CI/CD platforms.

Meterian is here to help!

Meterian’s support for SwiftPM brings enhanced security to Swift developers, allowing them to easily scan their open source dependencies for known vulnerabilities and proactively manage their software’s security. With its seamless integration into the SwiftPM workflow and comprehensive remediation guidance, Meterian empowers Swift developers to build secure software and protect their users’ data. To learn more about Meterian’s support for SwiftPM and how it can help improve the security of your Swift projects, visit Meterian’s website at

Improved Security for Swift Developers: Meterian Now Supports SwiftPM!

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