Jobs at Meterian

Who are we?

We are a tech company in the cybersecurity B2B SaaS space of application security testing.  Meterian helps companies continuously measure their software risks to prevent financial and reputational damage. We care about giving customers practical and accurate solutions for their application software security needs and are passionate in making the world a safe and thriving space for all to enjoy. The founding team, Bruno Bossola and Vivian Dufour, has over 50 years of combined experience in software engineering and product development across IT services in tech, finance, retail, telecom, IT/system integrators, and public sector. Meterian provides an automated platform that continuously checks for security, stability and licence risks of application codebases.

Current open positions:

In general, if you’re interested in joining us, email with an introduction and CV.

Where are we based?

Based in central London, near Shepherd’s Bush, in a nice and quiet coworking space.