Jobs – Marketing Intern

About Meterian

At Meterian, we take pride in all challenges big and small to expand the business and help companies continuously measure their software risks to avoid getting hacked or costly legal fines.  We are looking for passionate and self-motivated people to join the team.

Having worked since we were 17 years old, we remember the excitement and anticipation of interviewing for internships and winning the first paying jobs that might shape our career decisions.  The journey and discovery of “Is this right for me?” and “How will this help me find my career or vocation?” is an important one.

Come find out what it’s like to work in a startup business, what skills are needed to run and grow a business.  We have opportunities in engineering and marketing. At the end of the internship, we may find a good match and be willing to offer permanent positions.

Marketing Internship

We are a tech startup in the cybersecurity B2B SaaS space.  Meterian helps companies continuously measure their software risks to prevent financial and reputational damage costing hundreds of millions.  If you’re ambitious and want to learn about growing a customer base and generating revenue, we invite you to apply for this paid internship.

Your key responsibilities will be to:

  • Create and write content to be used by Meterian in social media, email, collateral for sales conversations with prospects.
  • Perform market and keyword research for use in online on company website and social media and print publications
  • Develop good working relationships internally/externally
  • Collaborate internally/externally to produce engaging content to go to market
  • Report, evaluate and improve the performance of content and base decisions on data
  • Share key lessons learned to help shape our marketing communications
  • Support sales and marketing day-to-day operations as needed to build customer relations with cold prospects/new accounts
  • Be customer-focused and focus on growth

By the end of this internship you will:

  • Gain experience in content creation and building landing pages to appeal to target customers and incite curiosity to drive customers to take action.  
  • Apply qualitative and quantitative analysis skills.
  • Gain insight into growth hacking and the collaboration required among marketing, product management and engineering teams.
  • Learn about cybersecurity and software development industries


  1. You are smart, a real go-getter, someone who is more than willing to apply themselves, learn, and go the extra mile.
  2. You must be coach-able and able to work in a team.
  3. You have the ability to keep track of various projects at the same time and complete deliverables to a high standard.
  4. You are creative, analytical and must have an eye for detail
  5. You must demonstrate experience in planning, pacing and tracking progress in some professional/personal project
  6. You are a competent communicator with excellent writing and communication skills.
  7. You are comfortable with using social media Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn and may have experience using their respective measurement tools.  

Start date: ASAP 2019
Employment length: 6-12 weeks with a degree of flexibility for the right candidate

To apply, email with Subject: Marketing Intern application.